Glenellen Solar Farm FAQs

More information on the Glenellen Solar Farm can be found in our Frequently Asked Questions sheet.

Why this site?
To be effective, solar must be developed close to areas where there is customer demand for energy.  This location provides ready access to the growing regional population of Greater Hume, as well as business and industry in Sydney and Melbourne.

What about use of Agricultural land?
Solar farms are considered an appropriate development within the region as solar farming does not permanently remove the land from future agricultural uses and supports employment in rural areas.

How does utility scale solar generation work?
Solar panels, arranged in rows, capture sunlight and convert this into electricity.  This is then fed into transformers to make the energy suitable for households and businesses, before it is then fed into the electricity grid.

Modern solar farms also utilise technology that enables panels to operate in low light or cloudy conditions, and to ‘track’ the sun, significantly increasing the amount of solar energy they harness.

What will happen at the end of the project?
Glenellen Solar Farm is expected to operate for 30 years.  After that time, the asset will either be refurbished and updated or decommissioned, and the site returned to farming land.

Will there be impacts on local property values?
The development of Glenellen Solar Farm is not expected to have a negative impact on surrounding land values given its location and fit with the Council’s existing area plan.

Will solar energy reduce electricity costs?
Development of the Glenellen Solar Farm will help to expand the domestic renewable energy industry and introduce further competition into the NSW electricity market.  As a result of this, wholesale energy prices may reduce and be passed on to customers as retail electricity savings.

What will you do to manage traffic impacts?
A traffic management plan will be developed to avoid any construction traffic travelling through Jindera. The proposed transport route from the Hume Highway to the site during construction is via the Olympic Highway, Gerogery Road, Glenellen Road, Walla Walla Jindera Road (Southbound), Lindner Road and Ortlipp Road from the south.

Will you be providing sponsorship?
Trinasolar is discussing with Greater Hume Council a commitment to a Community Fund through a Volunteer Pricing Agreement (VPA) with a “Terms of Reference” for local Jindera and wider community.

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