Trinasolar acquires Glenellen Solar Farm

Additional consultation on proposed plans for the Glenellen Solar Farm will take place in coming months, following the appointment of new project owners, Trinasolar Energy Development.

Trinasolar, one of the largest providers of residential solar panels in the country, completed the purchase of Glenellen Solar Farm in January 2020.

Trinasolar says this project development will demonstrate the ‘remarkable efficiency’ of solar for delivering higher levels of green power to the energy grid. Glenellen Solar Farm would add to the many utility solar projects Trina has developed in the UK, EU, Asia and South America.

Announcing its new role on the project, a spokesperson for Trinasolar said:

“Glenellen Solar Farm will play an important role in increasing competition in the energy sector and reduce both NSW and Australia’s reliance on fossil fuel generation.

“Neighbours to the project have been very accommodating in meeting with the project team and talking through options for our concept design.

“Trinasolar plans to continue these conversations with neighbours and the community prior to finalising concept plans in coming months.”

The Concept Development process for Glenellen Solar Farm was initiated in 2018.

The 200 megawatt (MW) solar project, 16 kilometres north of Albury, will eventually be assessed as a State Significant Development in line with State Government legislation and planning guidelines.

Current concept plans for the site allow for agricultural activities such as sheep grazing to continue once the site is constructed, resulting in only a minor net change to the existing land-use situation.

When approved, the project will provide a significant new source of clean energy to over 83,000 homes.

During the construction phase opportunity for up to 100 local jobs will contribute significantly to Jindera Township and neighbouring areas.

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