Genuine Community Engagement

CWP Renewables is committed to genuine community consultation and developing strong relationships with local landowners and the wider community.

Consultation relating to the proposed Glenellen Solar Farm project commenced in early 2018, and to date has included conversations and meetings with potential host landowners, neighbouring landowners, TransGrid council and the Hon. Greg Aplin (NSW Member for Albury).

Ongoing consultation will be stimulated with a range of stakeholders through the submission of the Preliminary Environmental Assessment. Further, in preparing the development application, consultation will commence or continue with relevant local, State and/or Commonwealth authorities, infrastructure providers, community groups and affected landowners. The issues raised and resolutions found through this process will be documented in the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

Community Investment Opportunities

CWP Renewables has developed a community investment model for itsĀ Sapphire Wind Farm and the Sapphire Solar Farm project. In summary, community members from the region have pledged to invest in the wind project with a guaranteed annual return.

Through the development of Glenellen Solar Farm we will be assessing the opportunity for a similar scheme.

Community Newsletter August 2020

Please see our latest Community Newsletter for the Glenellen Solar Farm.  

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Trinasolar acquires Glenellen Solar Farm

Additional consultation on proposed plans for the Glenellen Solar Farm will take place in coming months, following the appointment of new project owners, Trinasolar Energy Development. Trinasolar, one of the

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Glenellen Solar Farm FAQs

More information on the Glenellen Solar Farm can be found in our Frequently Asked Questions sheet. Why this site? To be effective, solar must be developed close to areas where

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